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Adult Price
USD $ 51
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Min 2 Person
Bali Activities Tour
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Night at the Zoo

Experience Bali Zoo under the stars and discover the rarely seen sights and sounds of our animals in their nocturnal habitats. As the day cools, the sun sets and the twilight takes over, prepare your self for a completely unique island adventure tour where you are invited to enjoy, observe and interact with our diverse collection of animals in their nocturnal habitats.

  Adult : USD 75   Children : USD 51
  Open : 05:20 PM   Closed : 08:30 PM
Night At The Zoo admission Set menu dinner / buffet
Fire dance performance insurance
Hand-feeding elephants and animal encounters Hotel return transfer* (pickup time: 04:00PM)
Free hotel pickup and drop-off included
Close encounter with wildlife
Enjoy a romantic night including dinner
Set menu/Buffet dinner included
Fire dance performance
Performance are subject to weather condition
Specific animals availability may differ per day
If bookings exceed 20 people, a buffet dinner will be alternatively served


Bathing an elephant Your day as a mahout begins with an early morning transfer from accommodation to Bali Zoo where you will be greeted by a guide for orientation and start the day with a Balinese breakfast at our Elephant View restaurant.

After your meal you’ll board your elephant from our 100-year old traditional Sumatran Buffalo House for a morning ride with your personal mahout to the nearby scenic Wos River where your training begins with a lesson in how to bathe and scrub an elephant.

Then hop back on your pachyderm and head over to his pad for more tutorials beginning with cleaning duties followed by more mahout instructions on how to behave around the elephant, learning basic vocal commands, and proper riding methods.

After an introductory Mahout 101 course, you will accompany your elephant back to the starting point for an opportunity to feed our African lion family, have a stroll around the zoo and then a private animal encounters session where you may have your photo taken with our tame tiger cubs, crocodiles, binturongs, pythons and more.

Then it’s on to our famous “Lunch With The Lions” at the WANA Restaurant, where you can enjoy our western-influenced cuisine in full view of our lion enclosure. After lunch, it’s back on your elephant for a 45-minute Elephant Expedition where you will journey across the Wos River, through the zoo’s surrounding wilderness and grassy valley, a short stop at our Bale Bengong for a refreshing and healthy young coconut drink and then finally a short trek up to the oldest village temple in the area that dates back almost 300 years.

Once back at the buffalo house disembarkation point you will be treated to a sumptuous Jungle SocieTea at the WANA Restaurant followed by an hour relaxing Balinese massage before transfer back to your hotel by late afternoon. Bali Zoo’s Mahout For a Day experience is designed to not only enlighten you on the behavior of these magnificent mammals and what it entails to command and care for them, but also leave you fulfilled having participated in probably one of the most unique outdoor adventures you will have on the island during your visit.


Close encounter with wildlife

Begin the evening’s escapade at the Bali Zoo with photo session with our tame gibbon, albino python, and even a Sumatran Sinyulong freshwater crocodile. Continue your tour with a guided walk through Bali zoo in which your senses will come alive to the natural sights and sounds of our tropical menagerie at night followed by tiger feeding where our helpful zookeeper will tell you more about this majestic creature.


Enjoy a romantic night including dinner

Then we invite you to meet our gentle, loving elephants and experience to personally hand feed them at their playground. Your will also have a sit down al fresco feast under the stars next to our open-air lion enclosure where you’ll be dining only a few meters from our resident king of the jungle and continue with a show of our collective unique animals where you will be ask to participate.


Fire dance performance

Your special evening concludes with a dramatic fire dance performance to entertain and warm you up before you go back home.

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